Our Services are rewarded by the awards presented to us. We are proud to put forth the fact that we have been selected as “BEST SUPPLIER”

Product Portfolio

The Quest to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market has made us to constantly develop new products and upgrade our manufacturing capabilities. Over the years we have rapidly expanded our product portfolio across markets while maintaining the highest quality standards. Each new component made for our customers is an inspiration that drives us further to make us a recognized and leading automotive component partner.

Our State-of-the art manufacturing facility enables us to manufacture a wide range of precision machined products with superior quality and finish. Close Tolerance and Critical components are machined with absolute accuracy.

Components Description

Stems for Industrial Valves
Pinning of Stem and the Disc for Industrial
Valves (Sub-Assembly)
Valve Pins
Ball for Ball Valves

Components Description

Racks for Power Steering
Yokes for Collapsible columm
Intermediate and shafts for collapsible columm
Worms and shafts for manual steering gears
Ball joint Sockers for tie rod

Components Description

Guides Bush
Rebar Guide
Gimble Parts
Intermediate Ring